Prendiamo un aperitivo?

The aperitivo is popular in Italy. Whilst it most commonly takes place after 6pm (particularly in summer), there can be some form of it earlier in the afternoon, or late in the evening. 

Not to be confused with Australia's 'happy hour', the aperitivo does just that - it opens the palate whilst giving friends (old and new) a chance to socialise with a 
drink and a nibble before dinner. Of course pending on the amount of nibbles consume, dinner could potentially be ignored altogether ;).

Whilst we now boast a full alcoholic menu which can be consumed at any time of the day (and any day of the week), we also offer some (more popular) aperitivo's which 
can be enjoyed late afternoon (and into the evenings). Couple it with our salumi board or a plate of pasta and ease yourself into the weekend.

See you soon :) x