ML 'nutella'

Hello lovelies,

Like every other Italian we indulged in Nutella as we were growing up… and beyond that if the truth be known. Nutty, chocolatey, gooey - delicious! In fact we only moved away from the stuff found on supermarket shelves a few years ago. Why? Well not only did we want to be sure we knew what we were putting in our bodies, but we also wanted to take a stand against large corporations contributing to the palm oil industry.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about our homemade ‘Nutella’ and many of you have asked whether we will be making it available to purchase (to take home) so we have listened to your requests and hope that you are happy to hear that we will be making this available by the end of the week. 

Just keep your eyes peeled to our Instagram and Facebook profiles for our announcement. 

See you soon,

Mio Locale x

ps for more information about the palm oil industry, feel free to visit this website: