Cheese please

Hello darlings, 

Today we thought we’d tell you a little about another one of our ingredients that’s kicking goals (sorry we had to add a football, I mean soccer (pffft) reference); ‘scarmoza’. Scarmoza is a delicious mozzarella-style cheese (only better in our book) made from cow milk and also originates from Southern Italy. It melts beautifully, but obviously holds its own eaten cold as well. We have adopted the smoked scarmoza (our fave) on our menu and have featured it in our vegetarian toastie, which coupled with artichokes and onion jam ensures that it meets all of our taste buds’ needs - smokiness, saltiness, sweetness and tartness with a dash of creaminess. Delicious!

Come and try it if you haven't already and let us know what you think...

See you soon,

Mio Locale x