Hello darlings,

As you have no doubt realised by now we are of Italian descent, from Calabria (Southern Italy), to be exact. Whilst we want to remain current (with regards to food trends), we will always feature products from the motherland that we have grown up with. Those of you who are regular customers will no doubt have sampled Papa Paladino’s homemade Calabrian salami. We generally use this delicious homemade delicacy in our panini (available weekdays only) and on our salumi board alongside the capacollo (another cured meat, also made by papa himself). 

But another product that features on our menu is ’nduja. ‘Nduja is a soft, spreadable salami native to Calabria. It’s actually so common over there, you’d almost consider it Southern Italy’s answer to vegemite (only better, shhh ;)) 

We trialled ‘nduja initially on our specials board, but it was such a raging success that it has made the main menu and you can now find it in our baked eggs dish… rich, decadent, amazing. Be sure to try it. 

See you soon,

Mio Locale x