Hello again...

Hello darlings, 

It’s been a long time between blog entries and we wanted to start this entry by apologising! We will aim to communicate with you a little more frequently from now on :)

It’s been a hectic few months since we opened the ML doors on December 5th last year… we survived our first Christmas and New Year festive season… got through summer and Easter which brings us into Autumn… one of the best seasons in Melbourne we think. The trees are filled with delicious warm hues, the lighting is ‘just right’ for us Instagram photographers (hehe ;)), the evenings are cool enough to enjoy a red vino and of course the food… well, the food! 

Now that the days are finally cooler, we’ve had a chance to launch our new Autumn menu. Please check our Facebook page to see which favourites have made the grade. Please also note that our specials board will always be highlighting seasonal ingredients, so please keep up to date with specials by visiting our social media profiles and of course, coming in in person!

See you soon,

Mio Locale x