About us

We are a brother and sister team who grew up on delicious real food and have always had a desire to share that with others. We've been cooking since we were little munchkins standing on a stool to enable us to reach the kitchen bench… admittedly we haven’t grown all that much since then, but we no longer need the stool (much). 

We searched high and low on Brunswick Street and found the only stretch that did not smell like freshly brewed coffee, so here we are. 

Whether you're a local popping in for your first morning coffee, a visitor to the area coming in to sample our eat-in meals or a sun-seeker seeking some (take-away) sustenance on the way to the park; we can meet your needs. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Mio Locale in November 2014.

See you soon, 
Emily & Maurice
Mio Locale (my local)